Season 2 Preview

Listen to a preview of what’s coming up in Season 2 of Jewish History Matters, with themes and topics on a broad range of issues in Jewish studies and why it matters. (Some clips have been edited for length.)

Season 2 of Jewish History Matters begins in September 2018 and episodes will be posted every two weeks.

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Some topics and issues coming this season include:

  • A New History of Hasidism with David Biale
  • Food and Power with Nir Avieli
  • The German Jewish Cookbook with Sonya Gropman and Gabrielle Rossmer Gropman
  • Cafes and Modern Jewish Culture with Shachar Pinsker
  • Colonialism and the Jews with Lisa Moses Leff, Ethan Katz, and Maud Mandel
  • The Stakes of Jewish History with David N. Myers
  • Why American Jewish History Matters with Hasia Diner
  • Going Beyond “Chrismukkah” with Samira Mehta
  • American Jewish Settlers in Israel with Sara Yael Hirschhorn
  • Jews and Human Rights with James Loeffler
  • Masculinity and American Jewish History with Sarah Imhoff and Lindsay King
  • Holocaust Testimony and the Digital Age with Jeffrey Shandler
  • Pedagogy and Jewish Studies with Jenny Caplan


Jewish History Matters was launched in 2018 with a grant from the Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies at UCLA, but it currently lacks institutional support. If you are interested in supporting Jewish History Matters, we will greatly appreciate your help — at any level — which will enable us to continue producing this podcast. You can also support the podcast by sharing episodes on social media or just telling your friends to listen to the podcast.

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